Partner with an expert

No matter what your level of wealth, working with us can help you pursue your goals. Together, we’ll go through a comprehensive process for managing your financial life and creating a long-term plan customized to your needs.  As independent financial advisors, we have no parent company or product pressures driving our recommendations; we answer only to you. So you know you’re getting truly objective guidance in all areas, including:

  • Accumulation, so your investments address your objectives and comfort level
  • Retirement planning, so you are well positioned to pursue your dreams
  • Estate planning, so you can pass on your assets to whom you choose
  • Risk management, to minimize any threats to your personal or business assets
  • Business planning, to help you manage and grow your business
  • Taxation, to minimize the tax burdens you face now and in the future

Whether your financial life encompasses all or only a few of these areas, we will meet you where you are and build the plan that works for you.

An Integrated Plan

We’ve been helping clients in the greater Newburyport area prepare for their financial future for more than 25 years. Like them, you can benefit from our expertise in creating a fully integrated, comprehensive plan that helps you pursue your life goals.

By taking the time to fully understand your values, goals, and resources, we can customize a strategy to help guide you through the stages of life:

  • Looking toward retirement
  • Funding education
  • Investing an inheritance
  • Building a financial legacy
  • Facing the death of a loved one
  • Downsizing your home
  • Changing careers
  • Newly married
  • Expecting a child
  • Rebuilding after a divorce